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We take your unwanted vehicles.

Our free Car Donation Program is where you can go to turn your unwanted or extra car, truck and/or RV into a  tax deductible donation benefiting Place of Enlightenment Inc.


Your donation can assist us in buying more food, educational supplies, help assisting someone in need with a utility bill and so much more. Feel free to donate that next vehicle so that you can be blessing into someone, who needs that second chance.

To begin the process, please call Place of Enlightenment at 770-249-2850 to set up an appointment. After taking your call, we will contact someone to pick up your non-used vehicle.

Ready for the next step?

Whether you're a volunteer signing up to contribute, or someone willing to donate their unused vehicle, we're willing to do what we can to to support your on your life journey. Fill out the form below and give us any details so we can help you in the best way we can.

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