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Metro Atlanta Emergency Transitional Housing (MEATH) Project

The Metro-Atlanta Emergency Transitional Housing project was formed to address the rise in demand due to unforeseen weather and emergency events. By meeting the needs of local families, we can ensure that they are able to move into stable alternative living quarters during a crisis for the maximum of 30 days.

Thanks to Frontline Community Services and Team Global Housewe are now able to help families navigate to a life of normalcy. Residents are only offered 30 days to live in the residence - after which they must have a plan to take action.

Team Global House


Thanks to our construction partner, Team Global House, we will have the materials to provide housing that is affordable and energy-efficient. Click here to view their website, or click the button below to access more information about their latest project.


Frontline Community 



Our nonprofit partner, Frontline Community Services, is helping us achieve the goal of providing shelter for families displaced by inclement weather. You can view their website or click the button below to view more information about our partnership.


Help us build homes. Donate today.

By donating to our cause, you help Place of Enlightenment build homes for those displaced by emergency weather conditions.

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